Renting a vehicle with a driver

A party trip with friends, a business trip, a business meeting? Renting a car with a driver is a service that is a great solution whenever you cannot drive a car yourself. Now, thanks to the “W DROGE 24” car rental, renting a car with a driver is very simple. It is an incomparably more attractive, profitable and professional alternative to using taxis. We serve both Polish and foreign customers. Our drivers will adapt to your needs (suit, full discretion, etc.). We guarantee that each of our drivers has extensive experience in transporting people and knows how to react in emergency situations. So you don’t have to worry about safety and driving comfort. Car rental is also associated with the appropriate comfort and proper adaptation of the car. First, the driver arrives at the specified address. A rented car with a driver is therefore waiting at the appointed time “at the door”.

Short-term rental

Increasingly, we prefer to pay for access to certain types of goods rather than purchase them permanently. In response to these needs, there are many forms of car use available on the market without the need to purchase. One of them is short-term vehicle rental, which lasts from 1 to 31 days. Short-term car rental is intended primarily for entrepreneurs and individuals who need a vehicle for a short period, e.g. on a business trip, during a car breakdown, when they are looking for a new car and want to test different brands or increase their prestige by going to a meeting with an important contractor in a luxury car, which he cannot afford to buy permanently for financial reasons.

Medium-term rental

Medium-term rental is related to the use of the car from 1 to 23 months. Due to the longer rental declaration, the medium-term service is more attractive in terms of price than short-term rental. The procedures related to its commencement are very similar and as little troublesome as in the case of renting for less than 30 days. Thanks to this, the customer can rent, change the car or cancel the service at any time. Medium-term rental, like other rentals, includes service, seasonal tires and a full package of insurance services.

Long-term rent

Long-term rental, or CFM, is the leasing of a car for a period specified in the contract, usually 1-4 years, in exchange for a monthly payment. After the end of the contract, the driver can buy a car, rent a new one, extend the contract, or resign from the lease. In the rental price, the customer can choose any package that allows him to forget about problems related to tire replacement, insurance or inspections. All fees related to the use of the vehicle can be included in the subscription fee, which makes this form of rental very attractive.

Long-term rental for COMPANIES

Managing and servicing your own vehicle fleet can often be unprofitable. Car maintenance costs too much time and effort. Especially in smaller companies, where company cars are not the only duty of an administration employee or owner. Regardless of the size of the company, you will appreciate the advantages of long-term car rental! In our rental you will receive a long-term rental without any initial payment!